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Our VAAs (virtual administrative assistants) are ready to help you get your tasks done while you take care of your clients and do what only you can do best.

What Can a VAA Do?Rates

First, A Message From Our Founder –

It’s unfortunate that many Virtual Administrative Assistants get taken advantage of. It is common for agencies to use Virtual Administrative Assistants from underserved countries because it allows the agency to make much more money off of them while the assistant only gets paid much less than what their work and skills are worth. Yes, we are talking less than $15/hour but to even be more transparent they are getting paid about $2-$9/hour. Oh and for the most part these are not employees, these are contractors.
Although I am not opposed to agencies outsourcing to other countries, I certainly believe that despite where they live, they should be paid for their skill set and experience.

I would like to clarify that N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC is not a Virtual Administrative Assistant Agency. When you hire N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC to help you get your work done, you are hiring a team with assistants based solely in the US who are being paid at least $15/hour depending on their employment status and experience with us, but no one gets paid less than the $15/hour.

As always, I will be your main point of contact. I hope this brings comfort to your mind when considering and/or working with our team.

Cheers To Your Success,
Nathasha Baltodano

Here to Help All Industries

Tasks We Can Complete

These tasks are considered non-income producing tasks because they are tasks that at the time they are being completed, do not produce income. These are tasks that high-level managers, including business owners, should always outsource. 
Tasks we can help businesses with are not exclusive to those listed. For a list of additional tasks, CLICK HERE.

Email Management

We can help you create the rules necessary for a stress-free and organized inbox.

Create & Organize SOPs

We can help you create and organize your Standard Operating Procedures to make sure they stay up to date and easily accessible.

Project Management

Let’s organize your tasks and projects and create a workflow that is customized to how you run your business. Don’t have a tool you use, we can recommend several.

Send Out Cards

Building relationships with your current and potential clients is a must. We can help you connect with them by sending them either e-cards or physical cards.

Data Entry & More

Of course, we can help you with the typical data entry necessary and any other administrative task.

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