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The Hispanic community continues to be underserved by many businesses, including government agencies, healthcare providers, and law firms. This problem persists because of the lack of resources available to communicate with each other. Though softwares like Google Translate exists, it will never replace the human interaction and service provided by our team.

Hire N’Vision Business Solutions to help extend your business’s services, resources, and products by bridging the communication gap. Whether you need verbal communication or written communication, our interpreters and translators are here to help.

What’s The Difference?

Interpreter v. Translator

Many use the words “interpreter” and “translator” interchangeably, however they are wrong in doing so. 

  • An interpreter is someone that interprets orally one language to another and vice versa.

  • A translator is someone who translates words on a document from one language to another and vice versa. 

We know what you are asking, can someone be both? Absolutely! Many times an interpreter/translator is called to interpret during doctor visits while at the same time is asked to translate the documents provided to the patient by the doctor in order to obtain and continue treatment.


Spanish Interpreters & Translators

Our team is experienced interpreting and translating medical, legal, educational, and of course, general terminology.

*Non-Profits are eligible for a reduced rate of $35/hr for Interpreting. 
**In-Person Interpreting Service Areas:

North Carolina: Piedmont Triad & Surrounding Areas
Texas: Woodlands – Sugar Land Metropolitan Area

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