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Find out who we are, what’s important to us, and why we started this small business.

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Who we are

Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Nathasha Baltodano, owner, and founder of N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC. I am first a child of our Heavenly Father, a mom, and of course an entrepreneur. Although I was raised in New Jersey, I like to say that I am growing up in North Carolina since the age of 17 and never thought, having been in love with the city, that my love for the city would be replaced by my now love of the country.

N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC was founded in April of 2020. Formerly known as N’Vision Consulting, the business started as just a side hustle designing websites for small business owners. As I got to build relationships small business owners AND while operating my own, I learned about the various tasks and projects required to operate a business.

Too many business owners, including myself, start or started a business with their passion but without an actual plan, standard operating procedures, and a lot of time without a team. Working in a business without a team means you are handling every single task on your own. You are not just the business owner but also the marketer, the salesman/woman, the administrative assistant, and so much more. Doing it all means your business is running you. But what if you don’t want to hire a team? This is when you outsource your operational tasks. The need for small business owners to outsource their tasks led us to to offer additional services, such as providing an answering service, virtual administrative assistance, a virtual mailbox, and so much more. We hope that by offering these additional services, it will help business owners remember why they started and help them grow without having their business run them down.

My team and I hope you will find all that you need to help keep your business operating with the same joy and passion you first started. If you don’t see a service that is needed, feel free to contact us, we may still have a solution for you.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about why we started N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC.

Cheers To Your Success,
Nathasha Baltodano & Your Team at N’Vision Business Solutions, LLC

Photography by Micah Brown at Micah Brown Media.

What’s Important To Us

Our Core Values

Open & Honest

We promise to be open and honest with everything we say and do.

Relationship Matters

We value the relationships we build with each other and our clients.

Continuous Learning

We make sure we learn something new every single day.

Personal Accountability

We make sure to hold each other accountable, even our leaders.


We are passionate about helping our community and each other.


We strive to provide quality services, including quality customer service.

Why Our company exists

Our Core Focus

Our Passion

Help communities thrive one business at a time.

Our Niche

Meeting the operational needs of businesses to help them grow and improve our communities.